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Investor Centre

UP Development is an integrated, diversified Australian property group, comprising of residential, office & industrial, retail and student accommodation developments.

End to end solution to procure and manage investment opportunities customised to your individual risk and return requirements.

Successful, timely and cost-effective outcomes happen through trust, trasparent, and open collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders.

It is no longer possible to wait for great quality land to come to you. At UP we go out and find it for you.

Perfect dream home was never found or built but developed. Town planning, architecture, interior, landscaping, living design are all part of the journey.

A deep respect for architectural heritage and an understanding of craft skills marries with 21st century living.

We negotiate with Councils on behalf of our clients regularly so we understand what they require and by when. There’s nothing you need to do.

Residences Developed
Millions Managed

Our People

Our people think outside the square, balancing an appreciation of design with proven commercial acumen.

We are social architects, thrill seekers, nature lovers and big thinkers – who also happen to be economists, designers, planners and development professionals. Our culture is one of pride and passion – we work hard, we support one another, and we are genuinely motivated to make a difference.

Our legacy.

Thinking UP

Ambitious projects require ambitious thinking.

We are dedicated to finding ways to improve future living, work and play within the framework of our research. We examine how people interact, how we can create better spaces, and how we can do more for humankind.


– Smart Tech

– Process

– Architecture

– Living

– Framework

– Material


– Sustainability

– Social Science

– Construction

– Urban Planning

– City Shaping

– Health & Wellbeing

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